Disasterrific zombie bullshit! Yea, birds are dicks. Shut up, you god damned birds!

About this zombie apocalypse survivor

Invision Power Services customer, Messenger Plus! official beta tester, Microsoft Beta Place, Microsoft Connect, Windows Live Ideas member, Windows Longhorn, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Internet Explorer 7, Internet Explorer 8, Office 12, Office 2010, Windows Live Messenger 8, Windows Live Messenger 9 beta tester.

From Ohio, USA. Interests and experience in computers, electronics, girls, movies, music, technology, and videogames, forums and administration and moderation and news posting. Talented drummer who prefers rock styles. Former kitchen staff of Rooster's Wings.

College graduate of Brown Mackie College with a two year degree majoring in computer networking and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineering, and two year degree in business management.

Part time shifty ninja, former Extreme Networking Solutions extern, temporary cosplayer. Amateur photographer and coder/programmer/designer. Fantasy, RPG fan. Sadie Jones gallery founder and manager.

Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 co-operative/versus/survival campaign beta tester.

Can also be found at deviantART and Steam.


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